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My biggest reflection from Slice of Life is that I have a new routine while I feed E at night. I had spent so much time mindlessly scrolling Facebook, which gave me a mental break from the day that was very needed. However, I began to enjoy the time of reflection on my day. What…

change of plans

It took us awhile to figure out what to do,First field trip in at least a year or two.Slips were signed, lunches were packed,We couldn’t wait to see the high school act. Did you hear about ice in the forecast?Backup plans are made really fast.Turn it into a popcorn party just in caseHopefully these extra…

not a storytelling day

Some days, I feel as though I have lots of stories to tell. Other days, I feel like I’ve got nothing. It makes me think of all my kiddos and how they feel when I say, “Write a small moment. You have two days to finish.” I hate those days because I can just see…

Cast free

Well we did it. We made it through one year old E being in a cast for a broken leg. Three weeks of sponge baths, walking only with a walker, and nerve wracking diaper changes. I feel like I should earn an award for not getting poop on her cast. This morning we were called…


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About Me

I am a 2nd grade teacher and a mom to 3 year old and 1 year old daughters. This section is being started solely because the 1 year old hid the remote, never to be found again. It was either write this or look in every bin, nook, backpack, box, etc. because most likely her 3 year old sister conspired with her and hid it further. I chose the easier option.

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